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Roundup [glyphosate] is an herbicide made by agricultural large Monsanto. It's used by farmers and agricultural employees all over the America being an all-purpose weed killer.

Considering that the Roundup weed killer initial entered the industry, Monsanto has denied statements that Roundup causes most cancers, telling farmers and agricultural personnel that Roundup is safe. However, the latest reports by scientists as well as Planet Wellness Corporation (WHO) have proven that Roundup could cause most cancers and other major health problems.

In March of 2015, the earth Overall health Group surveyed the study on Roundup cancer hyperlinks and concluded the blockbuster herbicide is “probably carcinogenic to humans.” Study demonstrates that Monsanto has recognized that Roundup weed killer is carcinogenic for various decades, but buried the threats as sales of Roundup continued to skyrocket during the U.s. and overseas.

Outraged by Monsanto’s deception, farmers, agricultural staff and their families are creating the decision to file a Roundup lawsuit alleging that Roundup results in most cancers.
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